Spiney Dragon

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Say hello to Shank. He is the latest addition to my dragon family. He is the more pointy of the dragons. With him I tried a couple new features. One was playing around with the snakehook brush, which allows you to pull tentacle like shapes out of the mesh. The other was layers, which allows you to add detail with out it be directly being applied to the mesh. With Shank, I tried to make him bottom heavy like a triangle would be. For his features, I focused on two characteristics, spikes and tentacles.


Heavy Dragon Sculpt

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I started working in Zbrush this week. I began working on the heavy dragon. I began my process by building the form with simple z-spheres to build up the silhouette. After that I began blocking in the major form. Then finally I added in the details using alphas and different skin brushes. To add to the theme of being the heavy dragon, I made the jaw more square, the wings more blocky, the form a lot more bulky and add square scales and horns.

Finalized Character Sketches

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After many hours of playing around with my original dragon concepts, I finally found a perfect style for my characters. I had drawn them out using blue drafting pencils to get there form right. I tried to find a series of dynamic poses for them so I could get a feel of how they move. I also wanted to draw a close up of their faces so that I could really focus on their personalities. After I was done sketching them, I inked them out so that they would be more visually appealing. Next, it is off to Zbrush to start sculpting.

Influencing Artists

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The first guy is an inspiring modeler who has worked for Blur Studios. I like the way he combines realism with stylization with his 3D characters. His name is Alessandro Baldasseroni.


My next influence is a well-known character artist who has worked for Dreamworks and Pixar. The way he adds energy and motion to the shapes of his characters has greatly inspired me. His name is Nicolas Marlet.


My last inspiration is someone who actually attended Columbus College of Art and Design. He has worked on the Ant Bully and is currently working at Pixar. His name is Mike Altman. His 3D models and creatures are very stylized, and he is very good at taking a 2D drawing and turning it 3D. I am hoping to do the same with my project.


Character Thumbnails

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After taking the silhouettes, I decided to go with dragon characters that are based off three major shapes. These shapes were triangles, circles and squares. I made the square dragon sturdy and earth-like, the circle dragon was made fluid and water-like, and the triangle dragon was made sharp and fire-like. There scales will be the same shape that dictates their form.

Starting Silhouettes Thumbnails

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For my idea, I was playing around with different shapes. I like how simple shapes can dictate the form. I made a group of playful creature head silhouettes to get some ideas for characters.