Ben Irmen


It all started in a small town called Mendon where there are more corn fields then people. I went to a small school and through most of it I spent my days drawing or playing guitar. I was always interested with art and music even before I could write. When I started my junior year, I signed up for a CAD and 3D design class. It was this class that really made me feel like I could make a living doing design. A year later, I found myself taking part in a portfolio review. Two design teachers from Kalamazoo Valley Community College took a look at my portfolio and decided I would be a brilliant designer. At that point I felt on top of the world, until I started my first semester of college. It was a rough start. I was miles behind my other classmates who had been designing for quite a while. However, I didn’t let that slow me down. It just meant that I had to work twice as hard. It was around the same time I met Aubrey the animation instructor. She was the one who taught me the magic of animation. I started to realize I had a passion for 3D modeling and sculpting. I came to CCAD to pursue that goal and finally starting to become the designer I had envisioned, but it is not over yet. In my mind, I have a long way to go and I will never stop growing.