Month: May 2014

My Final Three Selections!!!

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Here they are!!! The winners…. at least to me they’re the winners. At the beginning of this project, I would be lucky to sculpt my way out of a paper bag…that is if sculpting was the most efficient way to get yourself out of a bag. When I started out with this process, I started with arms. Arms seemed like a good basis to start from, seeing as humans don’t have extremely detail feature like eyes and ears on their arms…. at least I don’t. As I progressed, I started to get faster and faster. I began taking on bigger challenges like torsos. By the time I got to faces, I felt very confident in sculpting fast. However, trying to sculpt a head in an hour was possibly the most difficult experience I had with this project. But in the end, I came out successful. But this isn’t the end my friends. Oh no, the progression of an artist never ends. And plus, what artist wants it to end.