Month: April 2014

Viva en Temporum Installation Preview

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Here is this weeks update on my sculpts. As you know from my last post, I have started working on torsos. This does not mean I have forgotten about arms and legs. I still need lots of practice on those hahahaha. I am trying to do both female and male studies to get good at both. My next step is to practice with different body types, and pretty soon I want to move on to faces. Keep on the look out!!!

Workday- 4/22/2014

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This week, I am starting on torsos. For my second torso, I decided to go with a female bust. I used free life models online for reference.  This is a great site to use for anatomy and life studies: I was having some trouble, getting the proportions right away, so I started by building up the form with zspheres. This is a tool that allows to build shapes by dragging out spheres. Stay tuned for more sculpts.

femaletorso from Ben Irmen on Vimeo.

4/16/2014 – Workday

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Hey everybody, here is a look at this weeks progress. I started uping the detail in the latest sculpts. By adding more subdivision, I was able to add wrinkles and folds in the skin. I also started playing with zremesher in Zbrush more. This allows me to start with a simpler base and allows me to work my way up to higher detail. I also started playing with how human fat hangs of the arm and wrinkles in certain areas.

4/15/2014 – Workday

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Here is a little look at my process. This is my first leg sculpt.I need to work on the feet a little more. This was completed in an hour. More updates soon.

First Leg Sculpt in Zbrush from Ben Irmen on Vimeo.


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Second arm completed in 1 hour. I was having more trouble with the hand this time around. I wasn’t able to get as much detail as I wanted with hand in the hour time limit. However, I was able to get more detail in the arm muscles, and I got to work with adding some skin wrinkles.


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First arm in 45 minutes. All I can say is a need a lot of practice; however, I am excited to keep moving forward.