Month: March 2014

Viva en Temporum- Finished Boxes

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The boxes are finished. Great job everyone!!! I have also finished the designs on my own box. I decided to go with the concept of abstract thought vs. logical thought. For both boxes, I decided to keep the checker board theme. One box was created using brush strokes and fluid lines, while the other was created by using a ruler and marker. The checker theme tied both boxes together and the method of creation showcased the different ways in which we perceive thought and memory. Stay tuned for the final assembly.


Viva en Temporum- Finished Panels

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The panels have all been officially made!!! After some hours well-spent in the wood shop, we have completed all the panels for the boxes and learned how to use some new tools in the process. We also started to assemble the boxes. Using smaller blocks of wood to support the corners of the panels, we were able to use a nail gun to assemble the first set of boxes. I have also started gathering materials to add on to my box. I will be using some cloth materials in some of my designs. More on that in a little bit.

Viva En Temporium Step 3 – The First Mockup Designs

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From digital to small scale mock-up, the final designs are in. We will be going with a self-standing arch design. The arch will skew slightly giving it more life. There will be a three box pillar stacked together for both the bases for support and weight. We have started cutting the boxes in the wood shop, and can safely say no one has lost a finger yet!!! Each of the boxes’ sides are 15 inches constructed from Masonite. The construction team will be building and handing out the boxes in a couple of days so that the rest of the team can start working on their individual sculptures for the box. Stay tuned!!!

Viva En Temporium Step 2 in Maya!!!!

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Step 2 of the Viva En Temporium is complete. I brought my sketches into Maya and finalized the design concepts. My two boxes represent my expanding knowledge and creativity. They reflect the idea of always expanding my mind and thinking outside the box. The designs on the walls of the boxes represent intricate thought, and the figures pushing at the walls represent the expansion of my mind. After a couple meetings with fellow group members, we have made plans to begin the construction stage of the project this week. We will be building 23 boxes for each person to build their sculpture in. Stay tuned for more updates on the installation.