Month: February 2014

Viva En Temporium

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The project is finally coming along. The official name is Viva En Temporium. After meeting with my friend Brandon Wedge, I got some details worked out with the project. The installation piece will display 26 boxes with unique sculptures in them relating to the individuals memories in time. The two boxes I have chosen are one with mini humanoids paying in the box and the other with mazes all over the wall. One represents my fun and playful memories, and the other represents my memories of when I had lost my place in lifeScan. Here are some notes I took down.


Stevens Project

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Introducing the Stevens Project. A stop-motion piece based off Wallace Steven’s “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”


Organizational Flow Chart

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Little preview of what the flow chart might look like for the Stevens Project.


Dragon Turntable

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It’s finally here. The product of all my hard work. Meet Cave, Shank and Scales, my three dragons based of different shapes and forms. I wanted the final format to be a 3D turntable so you could see the sculpts at every angle. I made sure that I blended the color schemes together a little bit so they would mach too. The ground plain is a rocky terrain. Seeing as they are dragons, I wanted a very natural but not to distracting platform. Thanks for everyone’s support. Make sure to hit the HD button and watch the videos on Vimeo that way you can see them in full detail.

Dragon Sculpts from Ben Irmen on Vimeo.

Curvy Dragon

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Say hi to the last member of the dragon family. Her name is Scales. She is based of a seahorse, turtle and dolphin. Her shape is circles and I tried to incorporate that in the fins, shell, and suction cups. I also made sure her silhouette was very curvy.

Color Scheme

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Today I got to play with colors. I am starting to understand how important color is thanks to Charlotte Beland. After playing around with some swatches, I finally got down my plan of action. My over piece will follow a triad scheme. My Spiney dragon will be colored in warmer tones such as reds and oranges, my Heavy dragon will be earthy tones like greens and browns, and Curvy dragon will be cool tones like blues and greys. To make sure that each character has it’s own color scheme while still matching the over all scheme, I made each individual character an analogic scheme. This is so the color palette is more limited and blends better.