My Final Three Selections!!!

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Here they are!!! The winners…. at least to me they’re the winners. At the beginning of this project, I would be lucky to sculpt my way out of a paper bag…that is if sculpting was the most efficient way to get yourself out of a bag. When I started out with this process, I started with arms. Arms seemed like a good basis to start from, seeing as humans don’t have extremely detail feature like eyes and ears on their arms…. at least I don’t. As I progressed, I started to get faster and faster. I began taking on bigger challenges like torsos. By the time I got to faces, I felt very confident in sculpting fast. However, trying to sculpt a head in an hour was possibly the most difficult experience I had with this project. But in the end, I came out successful. But this isn’t the end my friends. Oh no, the progression of an artist never ends. And plus, what artist wants it to end.


Viva en Temporum Installation Preview

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Here is this weeks update on my sculpts. As you know from my last post, I have started working on torsos. This does not mean I have forgotten about arms and legs. I still need lots of practice on those hahahaha. I am trying to do both female and male studies to get good at both. My next step is to practice with different body types, and pretty soon I want to move on to faces. Keep on the look out!!!

Workday- 4/22/2014

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This week, I am starting on torsos. For my second torso, I decided to go with a female bust. I used free life models online for reference.  This is a great site to use for anatomy and life studies: I was having some trouble, getting the proportions right away, so I started by building up the form with zspheres. This is a tool that allows to build shapes by dragging out spheres. Stay tuned for more sculpts.

femaletorso from Ben Irmen on Vimeo.

4/16/2014 – Workday

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Hey everybody, here is a look at this weeks progress. I started uping the detail in the latest sculpts. By adding more subdivision, I was able to add wrinkles and folds in the skin. I also started playing with zremesher in Zbrush more. This allows me to start with a simpler base and allows me to work my way up to higher detail. I also started playing with how human fat hangs of the arm and wrinkles in certain areas.

4/15/2014 – Workday

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Here is a little look at my process. This is my first leg sculpt.I need to work on the feet a little more. This was completed in an hour. More updates soon.

First Leg Sculpt in Zbrush from Ben Irmen on Vimeo.


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Second arm completed in 1 hour. I was having more trouble with the hand this time around. I wasn’t able to get as much detail as I wanted with hand in the hour time limit. However, I was able to get more detail in the arm muscles, and I got to work with adding some skin wrinkles.